Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7th, 2010


That's a scary number I had hoped to never see again. In fact, I have gained 9 pounds in the last 2 months. Unless I want to see 300+ again sometime soon I have to take action.

Today is the start of MDA's 30 day challenge. Well, count me in. My wife seems to be on the fence about this. I know she wants to try it, but she just had a tooth extracted last week and it is still bugging her. I'm not sure I can afford to wait until she is ready. My feet ache, my chest aches, and I snore so loudly it tends to wake up the baby. Some days I wake up and between my achy muscles and lethargy it feels like I did not sleep at all. Hello sleep apnea.

Ok... so what are my rules?

I'm going to keep it real simple at first.

  1. Low-carb. Stay at "atkins induction levels," which means under 20 net carbs a day.
  2. Keep it primal. Stay away from all the processed junk; diet drinks, shakes, bars, etc.
  3. Keep moving. Minimal computer / couch time. This one has been biting me in the ass lately.
We will see where I am after two weeks.