Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 13th - 14th, 2010

Two Days of Culinary Debauchery

Ok. So now I feel like crap. We celebrated my birthday with sushi at Mikuni. All I can say is that I have enjoyed every sushi place in Sacramento we have tried, except Mikuni. They are overpriced and their sushi tastes like crap. Their tempura was good. Their miso soup was overly salty and just tasted like crappy broth. I ordered my favorite type of roll, soft shelled crab, and I got what tasted like two-day old fish sticks wrapped in sea weed. I've never had a sushi roll taste dry and fishy. Especially one that did not even have any actual fish.

I can recommend at least three other good sushi restaurants in the Sacramento Area: Sushi Hook, Ichi Maki, and Silver Sake. Mikuni seems to be all about the hype. They are popular so obviously the food must be good... or at least that is how popular opinion seems to go. In reality I think they are barely edible, but the environment they present is easily accessable to suburban America and targets a younger, "hip" crowd.

Later we picked up a chocolate-peanut butter ice cream cake from Cold Stone. See... debauchery. It was good, but strangely I did not enjoy it as much as I used to. I was in an incredibly energized mood going into Wednesday, but I think the cake started my rapid fall back into the carb-laden doldrums. I just feel worn out and tired. So today, even with 1/3 of the cake left in the freezer, I am done with it. If the wife and kids want the rest, fine. If they don't, great, we can toss it.

No grading yesterday and today. Maybe by next year I will be prepared to remain steadfast on my birthday. I was informed by my wife that it is not about me, but is in fact about my family celebrating me. To that effect the cake was essential and I was not about to ruin a perfectly good birthday dinner at sushi by not ordering rolls I normally enjoy because of a little rice.

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