Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th, 2010

Mud Puddles

My wife made me get out of the house today and take our car to the mechanic. While waiting for them to finish servicing our car, I decided that I would be better off taking a walk for an hour than sitting on my bum. I do enough sitting at work.

Our mechanic is just down the road from us and about halfway from our house to my favorite mini-trail. It is a pedestrian / equestrian trail that circles Ancil Hoffman Park and Golf Course. I was amazed to see so many people out walking today, considering the amount of rain we have had in the last 48 hours. But, it was a rainless, albeit cloudy day, and you take what you can in winter.

I was pretty stoked to see a family of barefoot runners. Two older teen boys and a tween girl were happily jogging along without shoes in shorts and tee shirts. Their mother was wearing Vibram Five Fingers and bundled up from ankles to the top of her head. It was pretty awesome to see that. I hope that will be my family one of these days.

I was amused to think how much more fun they were having sloshing through mud puddles that I was being very careful to walk around in my crap-ass Vans that I foolishly decided to wear today. Get some damn Vibrams back in stock. Grrr... I cannot find the color / size that I want in stock anywhere. This is what happens when something starts to become trendy.

The unfortunate side of having to spend so much time at the mechanic meant that I was not able to cook my grass-fed steaks tonight. I was really looking forward to those. Instead the wife wanted Carl's Jr, which is not a terrible option as far as fast food evil goes. I ordered a lettuce-wrapped guacamole bacon six-dollar burger. I am paying for it now. Almost immediately after eating dinner I was hit with some massive indigestion. Grrr... stupid processed crap. I may have avoided the bun, but apparently the fake guacamole is not stomach friendly.

My Meals Today:

3x Eggs fried in Butter
6 oz. Bacon

B.A.S. (big ass salad) of mixed baby greens and spinach
6x Cherry Tomatoes
4 oz. of sliced Baby Portabello Mushrooms
2 oz. of pickled Jalapenos
3x tablespoons of Marie's Ranch
1/2 Orange

Lettuce-wrapped Guacamole-Bacon Six Dollar Burger (aka indigestion hell)
2x Chicken Strips (aka pressed chicken in the shape of breast strips)
3x Fried Zucchini

  1. No Sugar. I did well today. I deserve an A.
  2. No Grains. I did poorly if you consider the breading on the chicken strips I stole from my daughters (who I don't blame for not eating them). I will give myself a C for that unappetizing meal deviation.
  3. Move around a little every day. I am giving myself an A. I did great. I actually chose to move around instead of sitting and reading a book. My legs are sore, which just means that I am not walking enough.
  4. Move really fast every once in a while. Yeah... I can't have everything I suppose.
  5. Lift heavy things. I am doing squats and inclined push-ups in the office ever hour or so. I will give myself a B.
Overall Grade: B/B+ This was a good day. It would have been great if I had had time for a good dinner.

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  1. Hrm as for sugar... that Guac had to be loaded with it. Poor choices. I mean really. You could have at least had something that tasted better than that. Like... shoe leather. Less indigestion too.